Health professions students seen working on baby simulator

At South Texas ISD Health Professions, students develop medical and clinical skills in area hospitals, nursing homes and pharmacies, as well as doctor, dentist and veterinary offices. Many students earn certifications as certified nursing assistants, dental assistants, emergency medical technicians, personal trainers, pharmacy technicians and veterinary technicians. 

Graduate with 1 of 9 medical + business certifications

  • EKG technician 
  • Nursing assistant
  • Dental assistant 
  • Emergency medical Technician
  • Personal Trainer
  • Veterinary Technician
  • Medical Coding and Billing 
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Small business coding associates 

Available Endorsements: Arts & Humanities, Multidisciplinary Studies, Public Services and STEM 

Four-Year Course Sequence: 2020-2021


- English, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies classes are required each of the four years. Pre-Calculus is a required math course. 

- Advanced Placement classes are available in Art, English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Spanish.

- Dual enrollment courses are available in the sophomore, junior and senior years. 

- Technology Applications may include courses such as Computer Science, Digital Design and Media Production, 3-D Modeling and Animation, Web Design, Digital Communications in the 21st Century, Independent Study in Technology DE, Independent Study in Evolving/Emerging Technologies. 

- Writing courses may include Practical Writing, Transitions/Technical Writing and Creative Writing, and they may be taken at any grade level. 

- Psychology, Sociology, Aerobic Activities, and Outdoor Education are available during the junior and senior years. 

- Fine Arts courses may include Art I, Art II, Theatre I, Theatre II or music elective

- Foreign Language courses may include Spanish Literature or Sign Language. 

- Humanities may be taken in the freshman or sophomore year. 

- Forensic Science may be taken after completion of an AP Science. 

- An additional one semester Physical Education course may be taken at any grade level. A certification for Personal Trainer may be earned through enrollment in Exercise Physiology at the junior or senior level (elective). 

Apply for Admission 

Applications for admission must be submitted via the online Schoolmint application.